Shiro Soap – the best cleanser for sensitive or broken out skin

Right. I am going to evangelise about an amazing product that rescued me in the Maldives. On the second day, I threw caution (and sunscreen) to the wind and lay out in my hammock spritzing the occasional layer of tanning oil over myself and sipping on coconuts. 

By 6pm however my face was burnt and raw, with my nose the shiny scarlet of a beefeater tomato. Furthermore, being someone who will abuse a good thing to the point of badness, I used every pot of face cream I had, mixed with oil, on my visage. The result: not pretty, extreme redness and upon waking the next morning – a horrendous breakout.

So cursing everything under the sun, especially myself, I made my way to the spa. The therapist looked at me sadly and shook her head, the way one does at a lost cause and told me that there’s nothing she could do. She then went to her cupboard and retrieved a small black box and held it out. I scoffed because it was soap. I hate the idea of facial soaps – so gimmicky. I still bought it though.

Came home, used it 6 times that day and it didn’t sting a bit, even with the burn I had. Two days later after using it every 3-4 hours- MIRACLE! My skin looks fantastic, the redness is gone and so is the unfortunate breakout.

The soap is a Japanese White Charcoal Soap for sensitive skin. It is called “SHIRO” and made from:

 Organic brown sugar, Argan oil, Jojoba oil, vitamin E, vegetable glycerin,100% oak charcoal essence, certified orange + mandarin essential oil, certified cypress essential oil.

All I know is that it works and will be becoming a staple in my regime. Buy it Here.

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