“It’s in Hagger-where?” I asked, as I was informed that we were spending our Friday night at Streetfeast.
(I’ve been dying to go to Streetfeast since it opened.) 

So when Alex said…

“Haggerstone. The number 242 bus goes from right outside your office and will take you straight there”….. all I could say was…

The first time I visited East London, I was 16. This was before its reincarnation. Before, the Brooklyn inspired eateries and the hipster-hued-happiness. I walked around a grizzly Shoreditch and wished myself in Covent Garden, which at the time was the apotheosis of cool, if you were 16 and went to school South of the river.

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So when East became best, I was sceptical. Me of little faith made excuses. I just didn’t believe it.
This all changed aboard the 242 bus to Haggerston.  If you go East, make sure you take the bus, it’s the only way to do it.
“Don’t tell me what to do. You’re not the boss of me” you may be thinking.
But you’ll understand. The route is a magical one weaving it’s way from Holborn Circus, through Liverpool St, Shoreditch, Hoxton and finally delivering you to…a street like any other. I won’t pretend the location is particularly exciting. There’s a tesco local, a cash machine, a bus stop and a few corner shops.
Forget your usual tired commuters. I was the sole dullard in a sea of colourful characters. Cheerful Rastafarians, Asian hipsters and pastel-dye-jobs are de rigeur.  Even the old lady next to me was wearing a mumu, best item of clothing ever invented. 

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Back to why I was here.. Apart from a much needed catch up with my friends:
The former Travis Perkins premises on Kingsland Road is the latest hang for London’s foodies. Some of the capital’s most tasty food stalls have set up camp and the old builders yard has been decked out with dining tables and a bar. The likes of The Ribman, Mother Flipper, Home Slice and Big Apple Hot Dogs will pitch up every Friday evening (from 5pm until midnight) until the end of June. If you’re not already sold by the mouth-watering grub, Street Feast also houses an indoor cocktail bar with bookable tables. See streetfeastlondon.com for more detailsTimeout
There were people
There was food
There was laughter
There was music
Fine, maybe the music was just in my head.

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It was so much fun. We got our food and went upstairs to the Milk and Honey gin/rum shack which the gang had reserved ahead of time. We had a bajillion courses; ribs, hot dogs, wraps, ice-creams, donuts and left very satisfied indeed.

It’s by far the funnest Friday night in London. If you are going:

  • Take out cash before you arrive. They do not take cards and the queue at the cash machine is ENORMOUS.
  • I rocked up late (8.30pm) and there was also a humongous queue outside Streetfeast. My friends were more punctual and got there around 6pm, which is the perfect time to avoid the mayhem and get your mits on some ribs (already sold out when I got there).
  • Make sure to try the ribs; the fresh donuts with sugar, cinnamon, caramel sauce and pecans; and the salted caramel ice-cream.



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Afterwards we made our way to Soho for one final hurrah before we  dispersed to sleep off the working week. The London Cocktail Club is   a den of super-casual iniquity with good music (Kylie!), a mesmerising VHS menu and stomach-flipping Oyster shots. 

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so happy u posted again! Your writing is just incredible!!! I wish I would possess your vocab hanushka 🙁

On another note, are you still friends with gaby? I think it is so ridiculous and childish how rose and valentina made fun of here!! poor girls.. although i blame it all on jealousy!


Oh Hanushka, I could read your posts all day.
I got me a hankering for some riiiibs!
Lottie Xx


This is by far the best blog in my blogroll, you have such an intelligent and interesting way of expressing yourself.
Don't be a stranger to the blogging world. 🙂



Great pst and somewhere I definitely want to try out!




Amazing post, looks so good!


Love the street fests 🙂



Salted caramel icecream, ribs and caramel-pecan doughnuts in one spot. Eek I'm in!

Love this post!




Ahh I am so glad to see you posting again Hanushka! I probably say this every time I leave a comment on here, but it really cannot be said enough: you write SO beautifully! Posts like this make just want to hop on a plane back to London! xxx


This sounds like so much fun!…Those doughnuts look so delicious!…xv



Wow, I really wanna go to this. I'm in London in a month, I hope I can catch one!


You've got skills my friend, the way you write is beautiful! Lovin it.

I did a similar post on my visit to this place, man, yours has put mine to shame. You are an inspiration. xxx



These are definitely some of the nicest things I've ever read- so thank you, it really does mean a lot.

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