I’m in Hong Kong, it’s 6am. I am jetlagged and my brain spluttering along at 2 miles per hour, so I think (in cliches) “screw this, I’ll sleep when I’m dead” and as the sky betrays the first pixels of lavender, I’m out the door and into the city.

I wander aimlessly around a deserted Hong Kong, which if it were a person, would be the Prufrock’s “patient etherised upon a table”.

After 4 hours my feet are beginning to melt. But it’s 11am and I want to see the markets. 

First Stop: Fruit and Veg Market, Central


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Luckily, not everything’s destined for the pot and we make our first local friend.

I’m practically delirious with longing when I see him and have to be dragged away before I make a scene.

Ah, when love goes wrong, nothing goes right. So I stop at a fly kitchen, (street stalls serving delicious food but famed for their questionable hygiene) and console myself with a Chinese delicacy, the pork bun. The bread is soft and foamy and the meat is succulent. 
The Ladies Market, Mongkok, Tung Choi Street
The market has hundreds of stalls of pointless souvenirs, iphone accessories, jewellery and other knickknacks. I want it all and end up haggling over an armful of jade bracelets and a necklace. 
The Chinese believe that Jade links the spiritual and physical worlds, and in the past Taoist alchemists drunk elixirs of powdered jade to guard against evil. Babies are still given tiny jade bracelets to protect against bad luck and if it’s good enough for their chubby little arms, it’s good enough for mine.









The Durian

Durian is the smelliest fruit in the world. No really, I’m not using hyperbole, it actually reeks.

But Vanessa wanted to try it and being a good sport, I braved it too.

It tasted ok, but i just couldn’t get past the the smell. Think Alsations drag something dead from a swamp. Don’t try this at home folks.



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This trip looks out of this world and so do you. I wish I could go away like this.

Tessa xo


I live in Hong Kong! How long are you staying for? I'd love to take you around town 🙂
Samantha x


Your trip looks amazing so far! Have the time of you life in Aisa! You must go to Disneyland and Ocean Park! They have the cutest pandas there! Xxx


im really happy you're having a fantastic time sis! that bobbing fish gif is great lol. i quite liked those slippers…hint hint

Ali B


amazing photos..ahh I want to visit HK again now!!
I hate the smell of durian too. My mom loves eating it though. I don't think I'll ever understand why..


Thanks Tessa! I hope you had a great summer though 🙂


Vanessa actually liked it- which is beyond belief. And as you chew it, you can smell it, which makes it 100 times worse.


thats 100% on my list – PANDAS AND PINK DOLPHINS are both a must xxx


Hey Sam 🙂 How sweet! I'm about to wing you off an email )) xx


Awwwwww I'm so SO excited about this – don't mind if I go ahead and live vicariously through your life in Hong Kong!
BTW that dress is ridiculously cute.



Looking good!<3 the dress!! Have fun! we Miss U!!!



Durian is soooo good ! haha I love it. It has a shit load of antioxidants as well so it's even good for you 🙂 x


thank you little one! although inbetween wine tastings and cuddles you seem to be doing alright 😉 xxx


maybe the 'shit load of antioxidants' are what make it smell so very special! x


miss you my darlings!! xxxx


Making me desperate to go to Hong Kong!! Love your blog been reading for months and started my own a few weeks ago!

Check it out if you have time!

Not in your league!

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