Every self-respecting Londoner worth their Barclays bike is absolutely obliged to try Zuma. It is my favourite restaurant in London and will be yours too.
The food is contemporary Japanese for those with an adventurous palate and who are bored of the typical sushi offerings of competitors. Typically I cannot go two weeks without a Zuma fix and my guilty pleasure is celeb-spotting and checking out the outfits of the well-heeled. A few months ago I saw Gwyneth Paltrow and Chris Martin with their kids. They seemed absolutely lovely and like a really happy family. Gwyneth was really smiley and playing hide-and-seek games with Moses and Chris was entertaining Apple. 
From the moment you walk through the heavy wooden door you know you’re going to have a great time. The atmosphere is the perfect balance of chilled glamour and there is no pretention whatsover. In the evenings there is a really fun vibe with a young glam crowd, but during the day mostly families and shoppers after a delicious lunch.
The food is absolutely divine. The flavours of every dish are complex yet subtle. The ingredients are the very best and thankfully nothing is overcooked so you really feel the natural flavours of the food.


Today we ordered a lot, but I prefer to go lots of dishes from the ‘small dishes’ section of the menu, as there is a lot of variety and you know you are not going to get the same taste anywhere else!

What to order:
Sesame Spinach
Squid with chilli
Thinly sliced seabass with truffle oil
The lobster!
The salmon dishes
Chilean Sea Bass
Chaiwan Mushi
Actually order anything, as long as its not sushi. The sushi is great, but the point of Zuma is the unique dishes that they don’t do elsewhere.
Total Lunch bill for two £135





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This all looks super delicious! 🙂


Yellow tail is absolutely devine! Black cod is always of the superb quality! I would also recommend Il Baretto, for those who like a contemporary take on the classical Italian dishes.


It was 😀

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