January; the time of the year that my skin does penance for its merry sins. A feverish attempt to restore my November glow resulted in me picking up the phone to the only people (apart from maybe God) that I knew to be up to the job. My last trip  to the Spa at the Four Seasons Park Lane ended with me telling anyone who would listen about the breathtaking facilities, fantastic staff and amazing treatments (this was followed later by a lot of self-satisfied I-told-you-sos).
The moment I walk in I know I am right about this place; the wonderful reception staff instantly recognise me and warmly welcome me back. They’ve even kept my assessment questionnaire from September and ask me if anything’s changed. I am giving a yummy detoxing drink and ushered into the plush cosy changing rooms.
As far as I’m concerned, I’m now on holiday, at least for the next 4 hours. I lie back in the warm swirling waters of the hydrotherapy pool and the surprising intensity works on my aching muscles. Then there’s the state of the art Sauna, so beautiful  and pristine that my body rebels and refuses to break a sweat for fear of spoiling the ambiance. I then curl up with Vogue in front of the fire   and snack on little cones of dried fruit as I await my treatment. 
The Treatment
A few months I heard that the Four Seasons had introduced the Vaishaly facial to its offering. Vaishaly has built up a cult following and a three-month waiting list for her innovative healing treatments. What really interested me however was the advanced nature of the facial. A whole 60 minutes of purifying, microdermabrasion, high-frequency; you name it.

My therapist Tereska was fantastic and extremely knowledgeable. She really understood the offering and you could see she was passionate about what she was doing. She started off by double cleansing my skin with a rich fragrant balm and swiftly dealing with any problem areas. Then came the best bit; the microdermabrasion. If you haven’t had microdermabrasion before, I highly recommend it. It works by forcing tiny crystals against the topmost layer of the skin at high pressure and as this is the layer that’s home to many of the visible imperfections, the crystals effectively buff away and remove all the dead skin. I asked for the machine to be turned up to the maximum and as I lay there, I could feel it working, as it whirred away like a tiny lawnmower across my face.

This was followed by the high frequency treatment. High frequency was originally developed in the 1800s as a way to sterilise prior to the introduction of antibiotics. The same principles apply in skincare when a small electrical current is passed across the surface of the skin to smooth, tighten pores and stimulate blood flow. Tereska then went on to gently massage my face and work on specific pressure points and this was followed by a nourishing mask. Now it’s all very well me extolling the virtues of the technology, the facilities and the staff, but everyone knows that the proof is in the pudding. I was a bit apprehensive because the first 24 hours after any treatment is the ‘make or break’ where you either break out or depending on the results make out; but if neither happens, that’s good news too. As for my skin, well I can’t remember the last time it has felt so smooth to the touch and looked so radiant. Even my darling, notoriously impossible to please mother told me that I was looking particularly well this morning.

So, if you, like me are looking for a January pick-me-up I highly recommend the Four Seasons and if you main concern is relaxation, then I would try the Omorovicza facials which are slightly longer and just as good if not better because of the extra time. In my last post I said I’ll be back and unsurprisingly the same goes this time around.

Four Seasons Park Lane
Hamilton Place Park Lane  London W1J 7DR
020 7499 0888





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I tried the spa after your first post and had the ESPA facial. Really loved it. Felt SO pampered but sadly it is a very rare and expensive treat for me. J


Hi J, I definitely know what you mean about feeling pampered. And of course, the best things are never cheap, but they are meant to be enjoyed rarely; probably making them all that more enjoyable 🙂 xxx


Really amazing photos, I like them! Great post!


thanks, although the photos do not entirely do justice to how good it actually looks!

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