Now, when it comes to facials I’m not easily impressed. My teenage years are evoked by the peppery aroma of tea-tree and eucalyptus. And holiday visits to Azeri skin care clinics with dubious hygiene standards but stellar results. East of the Iron Curtain, they know a thing or two about decontaminating faces and popping comedones with sewing kit needles (I never said it wasn’t scary). You could say, I’m the Indiana Jones of facials – no amount of scarab beetles and dodgy booby-trapped salons will stop me in my quest for decent skin. Which is why, I was more than mildly disappointed that the answer was right under my nose all along at Margy’s Monte Carlo.

Margy’s Monaco – what you need to know

Margy’s is discreetly tucked away in Monaco’s Metropole shopping centre. It’s blink and you’ll miss it small, reassuringly clean; but like most of Monaco kind of fuggy and airless. But, this is the least of my concerns given the state of my pores and the 90 minutes of squeezing and purging that lie ahead.

Growing up and living in London before relocating to Monaco, I’m intimately acquainted with the British all-the-gear-but-no-idea approach to skincare. I found London’s oft-lauded Sarah Chapman clinic mediocre at best, with therapists more reliant on products than skill and lacking the decades-long training required to properly work the skin.

Lack of experience is not an issue at Margy’s. They have been around forever. Long before the deplorable era of sheet masks and botulistic excess. They’re a Monaco institution, turning out face after face, touched by that very special Monaco rich bitch glow.

Which Skin Specialist to See

I can’t believe I am telling you this. But for the sake of a superior less adult-acne afflicted race…  Repeat after me…

Say Ahhh…


Sayy Ahhhh….


Say Ah Ah Ah Ah…

Ah Ah Ah Ah…



With her, my skin has finally met its match. Spots and blackheads shrivel and die in her presence. She’s relentless. Her enthusiasm for purging pores palpable. Her knowledge, impressive. And her own skin? A fecking-unbelievable glowing testament to her ability.

There are a few things I should probably share. Depending on the level of contagion on your face, this is not a facial for the faint of heart. The Margy’s way is to go big or go home. Expect double cleansing, ruthless extractions, further exfoliation, masking galore (the Margy’s collagen mask is life), the mother of facial massage and LED lights.

I took a course and had 3 facials spread across a month. No more spots or tiny bumps that won’t squeeze. My skin is glowing and smooth. Dareisay, smooth as a baby’s bum. My products penetrate better and my makeup goes on flawlessly. I won’t bore you with the gory details of how we got there – but suffice it to say, if you’re on a fly-by in the SoF, Margy’s is a must-do. Your skin will thank you.

(Not sponsored. I daren’t think how much I’ve spent here)


Photo credit- Ian Dooley

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