My friend in NYC had been gassing on. And on. And on. All night long. About, Momofuku Milk Bar NYC.
Sweets and cakes are my weakness. And although I am utterly indiscriminate in my sugary transgressions, I know a good cookie when I taste one. 

And taste one I did (not). Followed by a few more. Along with a few cakes. 

We started with the famous compost cookie made from pretzels, potato chips, butterscotch chips, and, yes, chocolate chips. It was utterly disappointing. The texture was as dry as something you find when you’re rooting around for the remote 
down the back of the sofa. I also tried the Blueberry & Cream cookie which was a slight improvement but nothing special. Next was the Chocolate-Chocolate cookie, a miserable excuse for a chocolate cookie that followed the fate of the previous two and also ended up in the trash.

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Next up, the pies. And the Crack Pie which is the jewel in the Momofuku crown was super buttery and sweet. But as Whitney famously told Oprah, ‘Crack is wack’. How right she was folks. No flavour, no character, just sweet boring blandness.
 And the Candy Bar pie? I was told to imagine a Reeses Cup in a pie but got something the texture of a stale Michlin tyre. Yuck. Beginning to despair I went for the Birthday Cake balls, mini truffle versions of the famous Momofuku birthday cake. ‘With a name like that they are gonna be gross’ I thought. But act-tually, they just about passed the taste test and I rather enjoyed them, although a few hours on and I can’t for the life of me remember what they tasted like. So basically, if you’re in NYC and walking past Milk Bar, think twice before stopping. You’ll be better served with the Crepe Cake at the Lady M cake boutique in the Plaza Food Court (but beware of their red velvets and banana mille feuille). 

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Been reading your blog for a while now and loving it! Don't know why it has taken me so long to post a comment 🙂

Happy New Year
Cara x


Now I don't feel so bad I passed the milk bar up last time iwas in new York! Thanks for honest review

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