When I went to Japan two curious things happened. 

First, I didn’t like the sushi. Ok so maybe I like my maki-rolls stuffed with fried chicken and drizzled in jam. So I’m not a sushi purist- jeez no need to be a snob about it. The fish may have been slap-your-face fresh but you can wave sayonara to anything other than nigiri or sashimi. You just aint getting it busta.

 photo 68A7BC5D-4F36-469C-9817-A34B50A90573-592-00000089E7CB5B04.jpg photo B444846E-D95A-402D-82FA-9C17E82A9858-592-00000089E3DDBF6A.jpg photo A583DB70-5ECE-4DD6-AB33-8A0EF79254F7-592-00000089CDAAB040.jpg  photo 44C62CDC-DB38-4435-9618-876A46D26FCF-592-00000089BA6537F3.jpg

Secondly, I discovered the world of Wagashi, Japanese confectionary to you and me. And as far as worlds go, it’s pretty darn moreish. Mochi, little squidgy balls of rice flour filled with bean paste, jellies in every flavour known to man, doryaki pancakes with custard creme. Now I think back, I’ve never eaten so much jelly. 

Recently I relived the experience at Minamoto Kitchoan on London’s Piccadilly, unfortunately located across the street from my office. 

On weekdays it’s a tranquil little oasis with cups of green tea matcha and soothing Japanese folk music. I enjoyed a green tea jelly cube with bean-paste along with a melon jelly mound (which was ok). Not as good as in Tokyo, but the perfect antidote to mille-feuille ennui.

44 Piccadilly, London
608 5th Ave #1  New York

 photo DFB3C221-14D8-4E4D-8A31-FE8BBFD5C7CE-592-00000089F7392BAB.jpg  photo 55E13EF9-6FEE-453B-8D43-9923C93EDADD-592-00000089EEDEFA92.jpg  photo 513ADE0E-474F-403A-AD84-6E698EB13126-592-00000089C97A2092.jpg  photo 30765EFC-2433-4498-B135-5A6EB64A7C06-592-00000089B495E115.jpg

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I'm going to Japan soon, and this has made me all the more excited! Great post!



off to Tokyo in May-going to eat everything.


I've always wanted to go in here!!! It looks like they should be stared at not eaten!! >_<

Love your blog btw, Love Fahmida x

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love the post!

Recently started a new blog would love if you could check it out!

Talisa from Bemsa xxx



Green tea jelly? I feel this could go one of two ways, amazeballs or awful…
Great post Hanushka hope you had an amazing time x


Looks you got to indulge in some Japanese classics! I'm a not a big fan of sushi, mainly because of the seaweed, but I love a few bits and bites here and there. x


beautiful photos! xx

The Provocative Couture

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