Why I stayed at the Grand Hyatt Tokyo

I love Bill Murray’s weary maladroit character in Lost in Translation and how he’s seduced by Scarlett’s subdued bosomy softness, against the minimalistic oriental backdrop of grey Tokyo skies and his melancholy loneliness.
So it was Lost in Translation that bought me to Japan.

And it was Lost in Translation made me stay at the Grand Hyatt Roppongi.
But as it turns out, my researcher (me) is a moron and the movie was actually filmed in the Park Hyatt.  So I asked to move hotels. But that too was Lost in Translation..
So it’s just as well that the hotel was where it was. Located right at the heart of Roppongi, a district famed for its nightlife and karaoke bars and the ample amusement these provided (evidence below) made me forget all about my booking blunder.

The Hotel has a spacious and relaxing feel, decorated in warm neutrals and dark sumptuous woods.  The facilities are pretty great, a jaw-dropping spa, kick ass gym and pool, seven restaurants and direct access to a mammoth shopping centre(those bringing girlfriends, beware).

At this point, I should also mention that the pastry boutique more than made up for any residual disappointment that hadn’t been obliterated by singing this…. (definitely up there in my top five cinematic moments of all time)

Anyway, back to the review. We liked the hotel, the location and the fact that it was down the road from a photobooth centre – we spent well over four hours here on the first night. 

So to round up, really enjoyed our stay, the hotel was absolutely lovely and would stay here again (but only after staking out the Park Hyatt first).

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Love Asia..The culture, the technology, the “never sleep” buzz that fills the cities..

Nice review of the Grand Hyatt. Good to know there are calm, spacious gems within a crazy busy city!

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