“Rise and Shiiiiine”  I said bouncing on the edge of her bed.
“I don’t want to” she wailed into her pillow. “It’s 4.30am. Go without me!!. I’m sick”
“No you’re not”
“No, I am, I really am”
Somehow, I bullied her out of the sheets, into the shower and out into the obscenely early dawn. I knew it would be ok,  we were going to Tokyo’s fish market and if the smell didn’t wake her up, there was little hope for anything else.
Thank cod I was right.  Our pescatarian start to the day was a total success. The fish market is a rite of passage for any Tokyo tourist and if the early start intimidates you could always continue your night out into the early morning, watch the tuna auction and grab some sushi (beware of salmon and patron). 
And yes, Vanessa, no need to thank me, I o-fishally rock.



















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i am just about dying with jealousy over here. gorgeous gorgeous stuff. yes, even the fish heads.

i want sushi now.

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