It’s interesting that the Japanese cuisine is so closely associated with savoury goodies, but relatively few know of the utterly glorious world of Japanese dessert.
Over the past few days we’ve sampled the weird and the wonderful. Tamogotchi doughnuts. Pecan and candyfloss frozen yogurt. Soya jelly with fresh kumquats. The list goes on.
We also made a discovery.  Gulp Gram Garden. A dessert buffet where everything is sold by weight.  You get a tub and stack it high. And I mean high.  You have dozens of varieties of ice cream, cake, cookies, jellies and sweets to choose from. The most improbable combinations come together as if Willy Wonka himself  had a hand in their making.
If you are in Tokyo, get the hotel concierge to look up the address. I tried but all I get is Japanese hieroglyphics which aren’t exactly much help. 











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