The Mum Shoe

Living in an individualistic society, encourages the very modern preoccupation with our own ‘uniqueness’. Be that as it may, there are certain things that come to define us.

For me those things are: I’m a mum; an armrest hogger; a ladysplainer and a midget.

Only two of the above are relevant to what I’m about to share with you.

Motherhood often gets in the way of one’s sartorial fantasies. It forces you to rethink your style identity. In fact, a baby is like malware to all aspects of a carefully curated existence and nowhere more so, than in fashion.

Taut flashy cleavage gradually gives way to the ironic tee, your intolerance for “practical” choices declines. You start to appreciate the comfy, you’ll marvel at the merits of wipe-clean pleather and wonder if anyone can tell that you’re still wearing your maternity jeans four months postpartum. Until one day, you find yourself sporting a Comic Relief 2005 t-shirt under a blazer, wondering how you got there.

Your footwear choices start to border on the orthopedic. Extra inches go from a necessity to an impediment – because dog turds in the park and oncoming traffic are all fair game to a two year old.

To get to the point. Although I’ve all but rescinded menacing heels – I’ve found something kookier, cooler, more comfortable – in short, better.

hanushka toni gucci marmont shoe red staud dress etoupe hermes kelly bag

The Fugly Shoe – Gucci Marmont Fringed Metallic Cracked-Leather Mules

The Gucci Marmont Mule is incontrovertibly the best ‘Mum Shoe’ on the market right now.  Sturdy and dependable. Practical. Comfortable and impossibly cool.

Admittedly, the Gucci Marmont isn’t much of a looker, but it does add a respectable 3 inches and wears like more of a slipper than a high heel.

Not only is the Marmont a ‘mum shoe’ – it is also a fugly shoe. And there is nothing more au courant than that.

Fugly shoes are the soy sauce to sex appeal. Wear them with cleavage or legs, or legs and cleavage. They dilute the off-putting neediness of looking like you’ve tried – they are a proclamation of not giving AF, whilst giving AF. In short, they are the ultimate accessory – just steer clear of those Balenciaga Crocs.

Worn here with a Staud dress, Hermes Kelly 35cm in Etoupe with Anya Hindmarch strap.


GUCCI Marmont fringed metallic cracked-leather mules

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I love your shoes! The whole outfit is fantastic!


Thanks Anna! Much appreciated xxx

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