Each and everyday in Asia begins at the crack of dawn. The mission is to see and experience as much as possible,  insalubrious street markets, local fly kitchens, swanky rooftop bars and ancient temples.
For a slightly glossier respite, clued in locals put us on the trail of The Upper House Hotel. Designed by the renowned architect Andre Fu, the hotel is a serene and architecturally awesome gem in Hong Kong’s Admiralty district.
We met our friend, the beautiful Calanthia for afternoon tea in the sky. 
Cafe Gray is on the 39th floor and offers a panoramic vista of the whole city. Our table put us in pole position to admire Victoria Harbour in the distance and the adjacent skyscrapers piercing the skyline. At night it’s even more beautiful and a great (3rd) date place.
The restaurant is currently doing a limited edition Creme Tea in celebration of the 30th Anniversary of Clé de Peau Beauté. One swift look at the menu and the black cherry chocolate tart was a clincher.
The tea arrived and was soo sooooo pretty; the supermodel of all afternoon teas. Soft pinks, custard yellows, powder blues, golden scones and dainty slices of heaven, all arranged with mouthwatering artistry.
We sipped a heady caramel tea and got to work. I was right about the black cherry chocolate tart. Admittedly the rest was equally good, especially short rib curry puff, the lemon quark cheesecake with almond biscuit and the blackcurrant scone with homemade jam. Once we had hoovered the tray clean it was time for a contented sigh, and maybe one more scone.












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wow perfect view and the food looks delicious!! Really enjoying all your HK pics so far!

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