Today we’re reviewing Creme de La Mer. £530 for 250ml. A cult classic. Developed by Nasa’s Dr Max Huber to heal scars after an experiment exploded in his face (ouch). The miracle ingredient is sea-kelp. The other ingredients which go into making the “miracele broth” are petroleum jelly(otherwise known as vaseline), mineral oil, glycerin, sesame seed oil and eucalyptus leaf oil – not very high on the tech if you ask us. Crucially, there is nothing about the ingredients which justify the price tag or promise particularly efficacy.

The cream felt greasy against my skin and smelled unpleasant. The consistency is incredibly thick and you are meant to rub a pea sized amount between your hands until the cream liquifies and then apply it to the face. Easier said than done – hello greasy hands and an unchanged visage. 

By the fourth day my skin was feeling tight and irritated and I decided to abort mission. I know this cream has its fans, but for me it is an expensive overhyped product which doesn’t do all that much.


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