“I’ll see you after I’m done with COCC”, I shouted at my husband as I beelined towards the door.

“You WHAT?!”, he spluttered, emerging from beneath a pile of financial statements. “Whose COCC are you planning to be done with?!”

“Noooo”, I corrected him. “You know, COCC – not the anatomical sort. It stands for the Champagne and Oyster Cycling Club”, and with those words I was gone – leaving my husband no less confused (or concerned).

What is COCC Monaco?

COCC is the acronym for the Champagne and Oyster Cycling Club – an amazing charity bike ride founded by seven friends in 2011.

Of course, the phrase “bike ride” doesn’t quite convey the enormity of the challenge. The COCC Ride is more than a jovial lark around our beloved principality.

It is a hardcore test of endurance – a not remotely intimidating 140 km bike ride from St Tropez to Monaco.

The route takes the participants and their buns of steel past some of the most breathtaking scenery on the French Riviera; along the Mediterranean seafront, up vertiginous peaks and many strenuous hours later, into Monte-Carlo.

The Champagne and Oyster Cycling Club Monaco and the Princess Charlene of Monaco Foundation

To date, the COCC ride has raised a staggering €700,000 for the Princess Charlene of Monaco Foundation and taken centre stage among the many charity events of Monaco.

Prince Albert of Monaco, Eddie Jordan, Mika Häkkinen, Thierry Boutsen, Thor Hushovd and Rick Delaney, are all notable regular participants in the ride. However, you’re unlikely to outcycle any of them – given that they are all accomplished sportsmen.

cocc ride 2018

The COCC Ride After Party at Anjuna Beach

The Monday after the race plays host to the after party at Anjuna Beach. Relevance, the luxury digital marketing agency where I work, was one of the Cocc Ride sponsors for 2018.

The party was kicked off by the Dobie Brothers and continued into the early hours. I’ve included a small round up of Instagram candids below.

If you’re reading this with a mild tinge of FOMO, you can always sign up to ride or sponsor the COCC Ride 2019.

cocc ride 2018 hanushka toni anna stockton anjuna beach rumble romagnoli
cocc ride 2018 hanushka toni anna stockton anjuna beach


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