Food Focus – Stockholm

Allow me to briefly take you back a few days to my Stockholm sojourn. One of the things I love about Sweden is the abundance of super-healthy, mega-tasty food. Spend a few days in Stockholm and all the flawless complexions and lithe amazonian limbs will suddenly make sense. Here are some of my favourite spots … Continue Reading

Stockholm – Haga Park

As you know, I’m in Stockholm. My Olympian pre-bikini, two hours a day, 7 day a week fitness routine has taken to me on a daily sweatathons through the Haga Park, in Solna just North of the capital.  Today I decided to conclude my tribulations on a mountain bike ride around the lake, followed by … Continue Reading

Walking in Blue – Stockholm Scenery

Stockholm is a city of a seemingly perpetual winter. But for the months of summer, the snow and ice thaws into glorious shades of blue and amber. And the water, which is everywhere transforms into a giant gleaming mirror of cloud and azure sky. If you aren’t one for blistering nordic blizzards, then I cannot … Continue Reading

Sibyllans Stockholm – Great love affairs start with Champagne and end with Tea.

This week I’m visiting my family in Stockholm. On the way to lunch with my dad I spied a kitsch little tea shop called  “Sibyllans”. We stepped inside and were greeted by the sight of hundreds of tins against the backdrop of panelled walls and cabinets of dark mahogany. Something about the set-up reminded me of … Continue Reading