Review- Hotel de Paris, Monaco

I am sitting in a golden atrium of light and glass. The saxophone is weeping soulfully; the rising notes straining against the humid night air. Frank’s on the mic, doing the ‘Strangers in the Night’ routine. A pair of lonely emerald eyes cut through the champagne gloom. Maybe they’re looking for someone or just staring … Continue Reading

A Sense of Place – Monte Carlo Bay Hotel

I spent another afternoon by the pool in a heady embrace with my Kindle, reading the exquisitely written “The Magus” by John Fowles.    In Monaco I’m staying in The Monte Carlo Bay Hotel. Out of all the hotels in Monaco, it’s undoubtedly the best for all round facilities and by far the most modern.  … Continue Reading

A Sense of Place – Monaco

It’s cloudless azure day in Monaco and I lie baking beneath the mid-afternoon sun. My nephew is driving toy lorries across my back. However, I’m too engrossed in the spectacle at the adjacent sun lounger to threaten no candy after dinner. A few paces away, a balding blubbery Russian in his mid 50s sits leering … Continue Reading