Food Focus: Better Choco-LATE than never : William Curley Chocolate

One of my best friends Vanessa came to stay with me for a few days. Now I was very excited about this. Vanessa and I share a love for all things tasty, all things sweet and especially chocolate. Now V is a woman of the world – good luck impressing one of those. So I thought … Continue Reading

Living Like a Local – Borough Market

We stood beneath those Dickensian emerald arches and smiled. The spicy smell of paella wafted through the air. Close eyes inhale. Venison sausages with an acidic dijon kick. Close eyes inhale.  The sweet aroma of melted English cheddar toasties and heady rich truffle. And my favourite, that irresistible powdery vanilla of freshly made fudge. We had travelled … Continue Reading

Eating out – La Petite Maison

I thought I’d blow off the cobwebs from this blog and put quill to parchment.  You’re probably reading this whilst sprawled on the sofa, exhausted from a day in the sun, under the dark emotional cloud of the Sunday blues.     In my experience, there’s only one way to beat them.  We (and by … Continue Reading

Review: Vaishaly Facial, the Spa at the Four Seasons, London

January; the time of the year that my skin does penance for its merry sins. A feverish attempt to restore my November glow resulted in me picking up the phone to the only people (apart from maybe God) that I knew to be up to the job. My last trip  to the Spa at the … Continue Reading

Chelsea Farmers Market, London

Somewhere to go when the sun is shining and where the Pimms is never cold – Chelsea Farmers Market.     And Some other Photos I took yesterday