Food Focus: Clinton Street Bakery, New York

It’s my brother’s first time in New York. Sunday morning saw us head for breakfast at the famous Clinton St Bakery to sample some of their celebrated blueberry pancakes. We arrived at 8.45am to a queue stretching back half a block.   We were unfortunate in that we were just past the point in the … Continue Reading

Food Focus: Better Choco-LATE than never : William Curley Chocolate

One of my best friends Vanessa came to stay with me for a few days. Now I was very excited about this. Vanessa and I share a love for all things tasty, all things sweet and especially chocolate. Now V is a woman of the world – good luck impressing one of those. So I thought … Continue Reading

Eating out: Zafferano Baku

In Azerbaijan we like our women va-va-voom with some cushion for the pushin’. My personal trainer is a case in point. Although a treadmill tyrant, he is militantly anti-waif; ribs, bones and angularity scare the bejesus out of him. Pretty typical for this part of the world. I guess it’s all down to the food … Continue Reading

Food Focus – Gulp Gram Garden, Tokyo

It’s interesting that the Japanese cuisine is so closely associated with savoury goodies, but relatively few know of the utterly glorious world of Japanese dessert. Over the past few days we’ve sampled the weird and the wonderful. Tamogotchi doughnuts. Pecan and candyfloss frozen yogurt. Soya jelly with fresh kumquats. The list goes on. We also made … Continue Reading

Food Focus – Who Ate Flounder?

The moment our plane touched the runway I rounded on the man in the aisle seat and demanded he tell us where to find the best sushi (other than at the fish market). An hour later we had unceremoniously dumped our luggage at the hotel and were sitting at the bar of Sushi Zanmai, a local chain … Continue Reading

Food Focus – What a Tart!

Vanessa and I adore deserts. By ‘adore’ I mean we can’t live without them- the way Antony can’t live without Cleopatra, or Romeo without Juliet. O lychee tart, lychee tart! Wherefore art thou?    Sevva is one of Hong Kong’s coolest bars, up in the penthouse of the Prince’s Building, but of course it’s not … Continue Reading

Breakfast of Champions: The Breakfast Club Soho

Whether it’s booze or kryptonite, we all have our weaknesses. For me it’s a late breakfast of pancakes washed down with a milkshake.   Being a late riser, I have spent many an afternoon on my knees, shaking my fist at the heavens and lamenting missing my favourite meal.   So here is my new … Continue Reading

Food Focus – Stockholm

Allow me to briefly take you back a few days to my Stockholm sojourn. One of the things I love about Sweden is the abundance of super-healthy, mega-tasty food. Spend a few days in Stockholm and all the flawless complexions and lithe amazonian limbs will suddenly make sense. Here are some of my favourite spots … Continue Reading

Sibyllans Stockholm – Great love affairs start with Champagne and end with Tea.

This week I’m visiting my family in Stockholm. On the way to lunch with my dad I spied a kitsch little tea shop called  “Sibyllans”. We stepped inside and were greeted by the sight of hundreds of tins against the backdrop of panelled walls and cabinets of dark mahogany. Something about the set-up reminded me of … Continue Reading

Review – The Cube by Electrolux London. Claude Bosi

“Aleeeeeex, you promised to take me for lunch” I whined. “Ok, where do you want to go?” he yelled from the other room… “Let’s see. Oh I know. The Cube”  He popped his head around the door “Let me get this straight. You want me, a recently unemployed LPC student to spend £400 on lunch. … Continue Reading