Your stomach will thank me – La Chaumiere, Nice

If you’re sensible, sensitive or particularly frugal, you should never agree to a dinner with me. This is especially the case if you’re imagined lactose intolerant, a pescatarian or fastidiously discard the anchovies from your Ceaser (live a little), because whilst I can’t guarantee the food, I can guarantee you a miserable time. I am … Continue Reading

Review: Sweet Root Restaurant in Užupis, Vilnius, Lithuania

Perched on the outer fringes of Vilnius Old Town, Užupis is a self-declared Republic populated largely by artists, free thinkers and poets. Often compared to Freetown Christiania in Denmark or Metelkova in Ljubljana, the alternative district retains an avant garde appeal, but is increasingly home these days to trendy restaurants and shops, and apartments in … Continue Reading

The Best Eclairs in the World: Maitre Choux

South Kensington has the largest French ex-pat community in London. So large that the neighbourhood is often referred to as Petit Paris or quite simply, The French Quarter. Here English is spoken as a second language and the croissants are as flaky and delicious as they are in the 5th.  It makes sense then that … Continue Reading

Review: Valentines at Le Louis XV – Alain Ducasse Hotel de Paris

This year for Valentine’s he took me to a three Michelin star restaurant. The kind of joint you take your old lady when the passion fizzles and her tits start to go a bit saggy. But since it also happened to be Ash Wednesday, a day for repentance and sackcloth – it worked for me. … Continue Reading

StreetFeast and the 242

“It’s in Hagger-where?” I asked, as I was informed that we were spending our Friday night at Streetfeast. (I’ve been dying to go to Streetfeast since it opened.)  So when Alex said… “Haggerstone. The number 242 bus goes from right outside your office and will take you straight there”….. all I could say was… “Yeh…” … Continue Reading

Food focus – Cupcake and Mille-Feuille Ennui? Minamato Kitchaon

When I went to Japan two curious things happened.  First, I didn’t like the sushi. Ok so maybe I like my maki-rolls stuffed with fried chicken and drizzled in jam. So I’m not a sushi purist- jeez no need to be a snob about it. The fish may have been slap-your-face fresh but you can … Continue Reading

Food Focus – Tell me on a Sunday: Tom’s Deli

Once upon a time, there was a girl.  A girl who loved tea on rainy afternoons. And taking pictures. And hats. And warm rooms  with steamy windows.         And it was on one such afternoon that we found ourself in Tom’s Deli in Notting Hill. A.A  hadn’t been back in years. I … Continue Reading

Living like a Local – Soho Waltz

It’s a snowy Sunday afternoon. I write this sitting by the fireplace, smugly ensconced in cream cashmere, picking my way through a box of boozy chocolates. Opps, I’ve just dropped a half eaten cherry liqueur down my front, karma is a bitch. Before I get too drunk to type I better tell you about this … Continue Reading

Food Focus – Momofuku Milk Bar Má Pêche

My friend in NYC had been gassing on. And on. And on. All night long. About, Momofuku Milk Bar NYC. Sweets and cakes are my weakness. And although I am utterly indiscriminate in my sugary transgressions, I know a good cookie when I taste one.  And taste one I did (not). Followed by a few more. … Continue Reading

Food Focus – Best New York City Burger. Burger Joint, Le Parker Meridian

This is most certainly the most divisive and polarising topic to have ever graced the pages of this blog. It’s sensitive- so sensitive that it’s caused a schism in my household. I’m talking about the New York City burger.  Last year in NYC I tried the Five Guys burger and said this; It’s naughty, dirty and hopelessly irresistible. … Continue Reading