Meet the Boss – an interview with Laura Hammett

Meet Laura Hammett There’s something about Laura Hammett. I could see it straight away.  Something different. She is sitting behind the wheel of her Audi on a drizzly Monday morning, telling me about her house. Meanwhile, I’m cloistered in the back of a Paris taxi headed for Montmartre – however, I’m more interested in my … Continue Reading

Charlie Brooker’s Black Mirror – the Dark Joy of Dystopia

Whoopi Goldberg playing a carnal soul conduit for Patrick Swayze in the film “Ghost” so that his deceased character can get it on with Demi Moore (thereby opening the door for a dead man to experience a female orgasm) is something I strongly suspect inspired Black Mirror’s themes to do with time, space and identity. … Continue Reading

Review – Northern Lights at Lyngen Lodge, Norway

Welcome to Sørkjosen – in search of the Northern Lights Ladies and gentlemen I bring you this post from the deepest darkest reaches of the Arctic Circle. A land of duality – a place where the midnight suns of summer burn in dazzling contrast with the permanent night of Winter – a time when the sun … Continue Reading

Insider’s Guide – Havana Cuba

I have just devoured platefuls of plane food. Lukewarm perspiring chicken plonked in greasy matrimony with something green broiled beyond recognition. Every soggy mouthful a deliverance (context later). Serge and I are recovering from the first leg of the trip celebrating our marriage. So as I enjoyed the uniquely pungent cocktail that microwaved food and … Continue Reading

Review: The Cheval Blanc Randheli, Maldives

By nature, I am not prone to harbouring grudges. However, this is not borne of some saintly forbearance on my part; but like any mercurial person it takes me all of 5 seconds to simmer down. Yet, for the past week there’s been a candle to my wick and it’s finally caught; so please excuse … Continue Reading

Insider’s Guide – Baku

What is Baku Like? Baku – it doesn’t look like much beneath the wing of the plane. A sand coloured shrubless land and a low pale sky, not exactly tourist board porn, if anything it looks like a biblical landscape, old testament. It’s been 18 months and I’ve truly missed it. Sometimes initial impressions belie … Continue Reading

Insider’s Guide – St Petersburg

St Petersburg – “Beauty built on bones, classical facades that cradled revolution, summers that lie in the cup of winter” (Helen Dunmore, The Siege). I read this as a 16 year old, quickly scribbled the quote in the back of my history folder promising myself that I would go. It’s been a long wait… But … Continue Reading