Chemical Addiction – 15 Years of Hair Straightening Hell

Johnson Relaxer (Never has a name been so apt) The first hair straightener I used was a poison that came with its own anti-venom and had a stench that reached the back of your eyeballs and made bleach smell like a stroll past a Diptyque store. First, Dark Room quantities of lubricant were applied around … Continue Reading

Review – Grand Hotel Excelsior Vittoria, Sorrento

Clinging to Sorrento’s dramatic clifftops, the lavish sherbet-hued hotel has breath-taking panoramic views of the glistening Tyrrhenian Sea… STOP! Enough of the Amalfi Coast clichés already. First off, there is no clinging going on here. Built upon the ruins of Roman Emperor Augustus’ villa, The Grand Hotel Excelsior Vittoria has been proudly standing on the … Continue Reading

COCC at Anjuna Beach

“I’ll see you after I’m done with COCC”, I shouted at my husband as I beelined towards the door. “You WHAT?!”, he spluttered, emerging from beneath a pile of financial statements. “Whose COCC are you planning to be done with?!” “Noooo”, I corrected him. “You know, COCC – not the anatomical sort. It stands for … Continue Reading

Style Your Bookshelf Like a Pro with Taylor Howes

The 5 Step Guide to Accessorising Occasionally I’ll find myself missing those days of blissful ignorance. With a wistful pang I’ll remember a time before interiors, before I knew anything about design, posh candles, bespoke embroidered 2000 thread count bed linen or modern art (my husband still rues the day I uncovered Phillips Contemporary). A … Continue Reading

Meet the Boss – an interview with Joakim Prat

It’s a sultry Friday morning in Central London. As I power through South Kensington to my rendezvous, my phone won’t stop vibrating. They arrive one after another, engorged pulsing tidings of admiration, carnal reveries which don’t belong to this tentative morning daylight. But my friends can be excused. For I have a date with the … Continue Reading

Why I bought the Gucci logo t-shirt

This is kind of embarrassing. I went and bought the Gucci t-shirt. And there’s no hiding from the shame. Not because I jumped on the same sartorial bandwagon as Kimmie K and Kylie. Not because I’ve embraced logo mania.  And not because I subjected my one year old son to the same humiliation with a … Continue Reading

How to Get Perfect Hair

But first – how to nuke your hair I’ll begin with a disclaimer. Hair really isn’t a problem in our family. My dad has a full head of hair. My mum’s raven tresses are pretty epic. And my brother struggles to control the hairgrowth, pretty much everywhere. So Deliciously Hanushka won’t be claiming that once … Continue Reading

Review: Valentines at Le Louis XV – Alain Ducasse Hotel de Paris

This year for Valentine’s he took me to a three Michelin star restaurant. The kind of joint you take your old lady when the passion fizzles and her tits start to go a bit saggy. But since it also happened to be Ash Wednesday, a day for repentance and sackcloth – it worked for me. … Continue Reading

The Cheval Blanc Maldives – Review

Why the Cheval Blanc Paradise in the Indian Ocean was a Huge Disappointment Let’s talk about The Cheval Blanc Randheli Maldives. We have recently returned from this newly opened super-luxe hotel. By nature, I am not prone to harbouring grudges. However, this is not borne of some saintly forbearance on my part. Like any mercurial … Continue Reading