Why I bought the Gucci logo t-shirt

This is kind of embarrassing. I went and bought the Gucci t-shirt. And there’s no hiding from the shame. Not because I jumped on the same sartorial bandwagon as Kimmie K and Kylie. Not because I’ve embraced logo mania.  And not because I subjected my one year old son to the same humiliation with a … Continue Reading

Gianni Versace – why we still care?

Royal fanatics remember the moment they heard Princess Diana had died. Americans remember the day of the JFK assassination. And fashion diehards will never forget the photo of that sandal on blood-stained steps. On 15 July 1997, Gianni Versace changed his tried-and-tested routine, taking on the role of his loyal assistant who walked along Miami’s … Continue Reading

How to Get Perfect Hair

But first – how to nuke your hair I’ll begin with a disclaimer. Hair really isn’t a problem in our family. My dad has a full head of hair. My mum’s raven tresses are pretty epic. And my brother struggles to control the hairgrowth, pretty much everywhere. So Deliciously Hanushka won’t be claiming that once … Continue Reading

The Unexpected Benefits of Cryotherapy

111Cryo with Harrods Wellness Clinic Cryotherapy – what is it? Cryotherapy (noun): the use of extreme cold in surgery or other medical treatment.  If you haven’t already heard, marathon runners and rugby players alike swear by standing in a glorified freezer as it hits lows of -91oC in attempt to help their muscles recover after … Continue Reading

What are the Top 5 Spring/ Summer 2018 Trends?

It’s the same sorry tale every year. Christmas comes and goes and with it our love of cosy gear. By the time February hits, we’re itching to swap our (faux) fur for frills and flounces. If you’re living in Blighty, you won’t be holding your breath for Spring . But there’s no harm in dreaming.  And … Continue Reading

Fashion Focus – Bringing Home the Birkin: Hermes Etoupe 35cm Birkin with Palladium Hardware

Hypocrisy is an awful thing. After waxing lyrical about my aversion to the Hermes Birkin bag, I became the victim of clouded impulse when cornered in Hermes and my options laid out before me. A lime 28cm Kelly, a Vert Veronese box calf Kelly and a 35cm Birkin in Etoupe with palladium hardware. The colour … Continue Reading

Review: Spa Four Seasons, London

London is a city that has it all- be as inventive as you like, and someone, somewhere in this metropolis of miscellany will give you what you’re looking for. However, until now, there has always been one exception. Intrigued? Read on. London is ashamedly lacking when it comes to good spas. The facilities at even the … Continue Reading

Beauty Boss – Perfect Manicure Tricks

As someone who is particular about grooming, I always despair over the grungy state of my nails. Perfect manis give way to chipped nail laquer in a matter of nano-seconds, which isn’t helped by my constant gesticulation and compulsion to touch things for emphasis. But lately, I have not needed the same level of robotic … Continue Reading

Review: Vaishaly Facial, the Spa at the Four Seasons, London

January; the time of the year that my skin does penance for its merry sins. A feverish attempt to restore my November glow resulted in me picking up the phone to the only people (apart from maybe God) that I knew to be up to the job. My last trip  to the Spa at the … Continue Reading

Fashion Focus – London Fashion Week

You might remember that in July I wrote about finding the perfect leather jacket for Autumn Winter. Well, Haider Ackermann has delivered, the second day of LFW was finally cold enough to wear it.    With the gorgeous Fallonista at Somerset house, after hours of trawling the exhibits and checking out the hottest labels.