Charlie Brooker’s Black Mirror – the Dark Joy of Dystopia

Whoopi Goldberg playing a carnal soul conduit for Patrick Swayze in the film “Ghost” so that his deceased character can get it on with Demi Moore (thereby opening the door for a dead man to experience a female orgasm) is something I strongly suspect inspired Black Mirror’s themes to do with time, space and identity. … Continue Reading

Top 10 Things We Miss From the 90s

From Friends, to choker necklaces and centre partings, the 90s are back and they’re cooler than ever. The decade has invaded our wardrobes in the form of denim overalls and athi-leisure, and the Spring/Summer catwalks were full of brightly coloured eye shadow and clumpy lashes. But it’s not just the fashion world that’s taking note, … Continue Reading

The Power of Pink

We need to talk about pink. There is a problem with pink and it’s not that little girls love it. It’s that too many adults hate it. Part of the problem with pink, and it’s not pink’s problem but our problem, is that we have been conditioned to believe it only represents the feminine. Not … Continue Reading

Gianni Versace – why we still care?

Royal fanatics remember the moment they heard Princess Diana had died. Americans remember the day of the JFK assassination. And fashion diehards will never forget the photo of that sandal on blood-stained steps. On 15 July 1997, Gianni Versace changed his tried-and-tested routine, taking on the role of his loyal assistant who walked along Miami’s … Continue Reading

Review – The Ten Dollar Founding Father: Hamilton – An American Musical

There is hysteria in the air as I step into the newly renovated Victoria Palace Theatre on a cold February evening. Whispers of ‘I booked my tickets over a year ago’ and ‘I can rap every song on the soundtrack’ bounce off the freshly painted walls; money green, perfectly fitting for the theatre’s latest inhabitant: … Continue Reading

Culture Vulture – Imitate Modern at The Wellington

  Fallon is one of my closest friends, blogger and owner of this amazing gallery called Imitate Modern, which I blogged about…. here…. and here. She also happens to be insanely attractive and adept at throwing the fairest parties in the land. So it was with friends (Rosie, The Londoner) and family, Fidan (sister from … Continue Reading

Culture Highlights – Serpentine Pavilion

It is typically an hourless summer evening (sadly, there’ve been so few of those of late). The sort where every possibility is bathed in the deceptive mirage of infinite time. I’ll stroll across Kensington Gardens to one of my favourite haunts. The Serpentine Gallery. Sometimes I’ll go in. But more often than not, I’ll sit … Continue Reading

Culture Highlights – Royal Ascot

Last weekend I had a double whammy of fun, as I went to Royal Ascot two days in a row. For those across the Pond, Ascot is the leading racecourse for thoroughbred horse racing and every year hosts 5 days of key races in June.  Friday felt very P.G. Wodehouse as we drove down in a … Continue Reading

Tyler Shields at Imitate Modern

Yesterday I want to the opening of Tyler Shields’ new exhibition at Imitate Modern, my friend Fallon’s amazing gallery.     The exhibition featured  sultry shots of Tamara Ecclestone, photos of burning Louboutins and crisp floors of cash; a modern ode to cowboy capitalism. Some of the photos were quite tongue in cheek- both metaphorically and literally. 

Claire Felicie – a Face can tell a Thousand Stories

We explore Claire Felicie’s new series. They say a face can tell a thousand stories and it’s not happy or animated faces that are the most telling. It is the simple expressionless expression that is the most revealing. It’s the imprint that life leaves upon the faces we’re born with. Stories of loss, sorrow or … Continue Reading