Meet the Boss – Interview with Emilio de la Morena

By nature, I am massively prone to generalisations. Maybe it’s a child of immigrant’s thing. Or maybe I’m just wired wrong. But as a kid, in a new country with a new language and Post-Soviet parents who were so foreign they may as well have been aliens, stereotypes helped me navigate life. Several decades on … Continue Reading

Getting Romantico: Review, Aman Grand Canal Venice, Italy – Papadopoli Palace

We were in Venice for a wedding and since there’s nothing like riding on the coat-tails of someone else’s romance we decided to extend our trip, with a stay at the Aman Resort Venice and the Gritti Palace. Whilst I ordinarily abhor the concept of ‘romantic getaways’ – red roses make me queasy and candlelit … Continue Reading

Meet the Boss – Nikki Wolff of Nikki Makeup

Nikki Wolff the creative force behind Nikki Makeup How long is too long to spend on your morning makeup? 15 minutes, 30 minutes, 40 minutes? Whatever you just said, triple that and that’s how long it took me this morning. Like a Peterburgian craftsman working on a Faberge egg, I applied layer after layer of … Continue Reading

COCC at Anjuna Beach

“I’ll see you after I’m done with COCC”, I shouted at my husband as I beelined towards the door. “You WHAT?!”, he spluttered, emerging from beneath a pile of financial statements. “Whose COCC are you planning to be done with?!” “Noooo”, I corrected him. “You know, COCC – not the anatomical sort. It stands for … Continue Reading

Amber Lounge – Where to Party during the Monaco Grand Prix 2018

Ahhh… It’s that time of year again. We’re talking azure Riviera views, slinky cocktail dresses, legs for days and, of course, that unmistakable din, reminding you that you’re exactly where you need to be – the hottest Grand Prix Party, at Amber Lounge. Monaco’s opulent streets and lavish harbour come alive in May, when the … Continue Reading

Style Your Bookshelf Like a Pro with Taylor Howes

The 5 Step Guide to Accessorising Occasionally I’ll find myself missing those days of blissful ignorance. With a wistful pang I’ll remember a time before interiors, before I knew anything about design, posh candles, bespoke embroidered 2000 thread count bed linen or modern art (my husband still rues the day I uncovered Phillips Contemporary). A … Continue Reading

Meet the Boss – an interview with Joakim Prat

It’s a sultry Friday morning in Central London. As I power through South Kensington to my rendezvous, my phone won’t stop vibrating. They arrive one after another, engorged pulsing tidings of admiration, carnal reveries which don’t belong to this tentative morning daylight. But my friends can be excused. For I have a date with the … Continue Reading

Why the 1990s was Hip-Hop’s Golden Age. We look at the era-defining music and fashion

Rain, hale or shine, my standard get up in ’97 and ’98 was a turquoise blue Tommy Hilfiger puffer jacket, a Hilfiger Ice Hockey shirt, shin length Wu-Wear shorts, Timberland khaki boots and (for reasons I no longer understand) a Wu-Wear neck warmer. I was modelling myself on the legendary New York hip hop group, … Continue Reading

Game of Drones – the Future of Drone Technology

Daniel Dale takes a look at drones and where the technology is headed. When I picture a technician in a factory making remote controlled planes, I picture celibacy. I picture mens’ beady eyes disappearing behind fog on spectacle lenses as they steam up with lust and the heat emitted from soldering equipment. I picture jeans … Continue Reading

Meet the Boss – an interview with Laura Hammett

Meet Laura Hammett – we interview London’s top interior designer There’s something about Laura Hammett. I could see it straight away.  Something different. She is sitting behind the wheel of her Audi on a drizzly Monday morning, telling me about her house. Meanwhile, I’m cloistered in the back of a Paris taxi headed for Montmartre … Continue Reading