Since you’re reading this. I suspect that like me, you’re suffering from Coachella FOMO. Being insta-jealous is a hard job, but someone’s got to do it. And as I’ve just come home and removed my outfit in shades of ‘office’ – that someone is me.

But that doesn’t mean I can’t reserve a compliment or two for all the magic VSCO’d babes across the Atlantic. Although, I don’t know how much fun you’re having – because let’s face it, with all the midriff on display, I seriously doubt there’s much beer chugging going on.

But I’m just bitter. Whilst you take insta selfies beneath the ferris wheel – I’m updating my Linkedin account and organising my  face creams by levels of creaminess.

So here’s to you! Thank you for the sun, and the palmtrees and the space-hopper hair. For the glitter and the glamour and the welcome lack of muddy glasto wellies. And so we present our countdown of the best Coachella fashion – here are our top five.

The Best Instagram Style of Coachella 2018

5. Nicole Issacs

No sentences. Just words. Epic tan. St Tropez on steroids. Young Janice Dickinson. Every single one of those, a worthy life goal.


4. Jamie N Kidd

Got to hand it to the girl. She’s really bringing it and looks smashing. It’s the space hopper hair that has me really crushing though.


3. l.o.v.e_r

And the award for zero fucks given goes to this hun. Old bobbled onesie + attitude = fierce.


2. Lais Ribeiro

Pocahontas meets Avatar meets the Matrix meets Amazonian goddess. Totally giving me feels.



1. Jessica Goicoechea

Can’t decide if her name sounds more like an exotic plant that grows in your granny’s garden or a tiny bone in your ear canal. Whichever it is, she is every drop as unknowable. Punk rock perfection at its most magnificent.




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