I spent another afternoon by the pool in a heady embrace with my Kindle, reading the exquisitely written “The Magus” by John Fowles. 
In Monaco I’m staying in The Monte Carlo Bay Hotel. Out of all the hotels in Monaco, it’s undoubtedly the best for all round facilities and by far the most modern. 
It’s also right on the Mediterranean and although it doesn’t have a beach, the jetty does just fine for cannonballing into the sea. Oh, and Jimmyz is next door.
 I should also mention that it’s a dream for people-watching and fashion vultures. Every step you take is like walking through a living pinterest.. flowing gem coloured kaftans, stacks of incredible jewellery, candy manicures, perfect bodies and cinnamon tans. 





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The most amazing book of all time, I just bought it for my best friend and highlighted my favourite passages for her… slightly nerdy? I am just starting the Collector which is good so far. Enjoy the rest of your holiday! Very jealous!!
Heather xxxx


I LOVE the Magus. It is one of my favourite books, I read it on holiday in Greece – brilliant. Enjoy the sun 🙂


if there's one place to read the Magus, it's in Greece! But god I hate N Urfe. xx


I want YOU as a friend! My favourite passage is the one that goes

"We lay on the ground and kissed. Perhaps you smile. That we only lay on the ground and kissed. You young people can lend your bodies now, play with them, give them as we could not. But remember that you have paid a price: that of a world rich in mystery and delicate emotion. It is not only species of animal that die out. But whole species of feelings. And if you are wise, you will never pity the past for what it did not know. But pity yourself for what it did."



That is my favourite passage too! My other is when Julie says 'I don't expect attractive men necessarily to have attractive souls'… I have been known to quote this on occasions, whilst drunk, around nice looking men, who have probably kindly offered to buy me a drink. Cringe. xxx

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