Review – Orveda Prebiotic Emulsion

If like me, you’re a voracious consumer of the beauty press – you’ll know that acids and retinols are all the rage. It seems that for the past 10 years, there hasn’t been much innovation in our fundamental approach to skincare. Attacking young skin with abrasive, active and invasive ingredients seems to be the overarching … Continue Reading

Christian Dior Saddle Bag 2018 Reissue – the ‘It’ Bag is back

They say imitation is the best form of flattery . Which is why, Tijan Serena should be seriously flattered. Because I reckon, she single-handedly emptied the Christian Dior saddle bag shelves of Vestiaire Collective. I was scrawling through my feed and a peculiar thing happened. I saw that, Tijan Serena, one of my favourite beauty … Continue Reading

The Hyaluronic Acid Myth – Why it Doesn’t Work

We need to talk about hyaluronic acid. Over the last few years, I’ve developed a borderline pharmacological obsession with skincare. I have a genuine curiosity about how far a militant and well-researched skincare regime will take me. An inevitable part of belonging to an Instagram generation is an obsession with ageing. Everyday, I swipe through … Continue Reading

Meet the Boss – an interview with Laura Hammett

Meet Laura Hammett – we interview London’s top interior designer There’s something about Laura Hammett. I could see it straight away.  Something different. She is sitting behind the wheel of her Audi on a drizzly Monday morning, telling me about her house. Meanwhile, I’m cloistered in the back of a Paris taxi headed for Montmartre … Continue Reading

Why I bought the Gucci logo t-shirt

This is kind of embarrassing. I went and bought the Gucci t-shirt. And there’s no hiding from the shame. Not because I jumped on the same sartorial bandwagon as Kimmie K and Kylie. Not because I’ve embraced logo mania.  And not because I subjected my one year old son to the same humiliation with a … Continue Reading

How to Get Perfect Hair

But first – how to nuke your hair I’ll begin with a disclaimer. Hair really isn’t a problem in our family. My dad has a full head of hair. My mum’s raven tresses are pretty epic. And my brother struggles to control the hairgrowth, pretty much everywhere. So Deliciously Hanushka won’t be claiming that once … Continue Reading

Review – Northern Lights at Lyngen Lodge, Norway

Welcome to Sørkjosen – in search of the Northern Lights Ladies and gentlemen I bring you this post from the deepest darkest reaches of the Arctic Circle. A land of duality – a place where the midnight suns of summer burn in dazzling contrast with the permanent night of Winter – a time when the sun … Continue Reading

Review: Valentines at Le Louis XV – Alain Ducasse Hotel de Paris

This year for Valentine’s he took me to a three Michelin star restaurant. The kind of joint you take your old lady when the passion fizzles and her tits start to go a bit saggy. But since it also happened to be Ash Wednesday, a day for repentance and sackcloth – it worked for me. … Continue Reading

Insider’s Guide – Havana Cuba

I have just devoured platefuls of plane food. Lukewarm perspiring chicken plonked in greasy matrimony with something green broiled beyond recognition. Every soggy mouthful a deliverance (context later). Serge and I are recovering from the first leg of the trip celebrating our marriage. So as I enjoyed the uniquely pungent cocktail that microwaved food and … Continue Reading

The Cheval Blanc Maldives – Review

Why the Cheval Blanc Paradise in the Indian Ocean was a Huge Disappointment Let’s talk about The Cheval Blanc Randheli Maldives. We have recently returned from this newly opened super-luxe hotel. By nature, I am not prone to harbouring grudges. However, this is not borne of some saintly forbearance on my part. Like any mercurial … Continue Reading