Venice in a Weekend – Magic in Santa Croce

Venice is best seen from the water, in the half-light of an early morning or a fading day. There’s nothing quite like sailing the silence, past Gothic palazzos of shadowy rooms and magnificent chandeliers. As far as cities go, it’s a fly trapped in resin, with virtually no architectural development in modern times. A fourteenth … Continue Reading

Getting Romantico: Review, Aman Grand Canal Venice, Italy – Papadopoli Palace

We were in Venice for a wedding and since there’s nothing like riding on the coat-tails of someone else’s romance we decided to extend our trip, with a stay at the Aman Resort Venice and the Gritti Palace. Whilst I ordinarily abhor the concept of ‘romantic getaways’ – red roses make me queasy and candlelit … Continue Reading

The One Pair of Shoes you Need in Your Life – the Gucci Marmont Shoe

The Mum Shoe Living in an individualistic society, encourages the very modern preoccupation with our own ‘uniqueness’. Be that as it may, there are certain things that come to define us. For me those things are: I’m a mum; an armrest hogger; a ladysplainer and a midget. Only two of the above are relevant to … Continue Reading

Meet the Boss – Nikki Wolff of Nikki Makeup

Nikki Wolff the creative force behind Nikki Makeup How long is too long to spend on your morning makeup? 15 minutes, 30 minutes, 40 minutes? Whatever you just said, triple that and that’s how long it took me this morning. Like a Peterburgian craftsman working on a Faberge egg, I applied layer after layer of … Continue Reading

Review – Grand Hotel Excelsior Vittoria, Sorrento

Clinging to Sorrento’s dramatic clifftops, the lavish sherbet-hued hotel has breath-taking panoramic views of the glistening Tyrrhenian Sea… STOP! Enough of the Amalfi Coast clichés already. First off, there is no clinging going on here. Built upon the ruins of Roman Emperor Augustus’ villa, The Grand Hotel Excelsior Vittoria has been proudly standing on the … Continue Reading

COCC at Anjuna Beach

“I’ll see you after I’m done with COCC”, I shouted at my husband as I beelined towards the door. “You WHAT?!”, he spluttered, emerging from beneath a pile of financial statements. “Whose COCC are you planning to be done with?!” “Noooo”, I corrected him. “You know, COCC – not the anatomical sort. It stands for … Continue Reading

Style Your Bookshelf Like a Pro with Taylor Howes

The 5 Step Guide to Accessorising Occasionally I’ll find myself missing those days of blissful ignorance. With a wistful pang I’ll remember a time before interiors, before I knew anything about design, posh candles, bespoke embroidered 2000 thread count bed linen or modern art (my husband still rues the day I uncovered Phillips Contemporary). A … Continue Reading

Meet the Boss – an interview with Joakim Prat

It’s a sultry Friday morning in Central London. As I power through South Kensington to my rendezvous, my phone won’t stop vibrating. They arrive one after another, engorged pulsing tidings of admiration, carnal reveries which don’t belong to this tentative morning daylight. But my friends can be excused. For I have a date with the … Continue Reading

Plastic Fantastic – Chanel PVC Shopping Bag, SS 2018

As a January baby, I turn up early to everything. Punctuality is a compulsion, as is leaving for the airport three hours early. And whilst the early bird might get the worm, the funds in my bank account get the wormhole, every time I fly. The Chanel in Heathrow Terminal 5 is the big killer. … Continue Reading

5 Best Coachella Outfits 2018 – Giving me Major FOMO

Since you’re reading this. I suspect that like me, you’re suffering from Coachella FOMO. Being insta-jealous is a hard job, but someone’s got to do it. And as I’ve just come home and removed my outfit in shades of ‘office’ – that someone is me. But that doesn’t mean I can’t reserve a compliment or … Continue Reading