How To Save the World in 24 Ways – Part I

Setting aside an afternoon of free time to buy and mix the ingredients to create environmentally friendly, non-toxic cleaning product substitutes is a noble pursuit. But it requires a particular type of person. Those with a laudable, singular commitment to the well-being of the environment, nascent terrorists and the bereaved. But between environmental zeal and … Continue Reading

Chemical Addiction – 15 Years of Hair Straightening Hell

Johnson Relaxer (Never has a name been so apt) The first hair straightener I used was a poison that came with its own anti-venom and had a stench that reached the back of your eyeballs and made bleach smell like a stroll past a Diptyque store. First, Dark Room quantities of lubricant were applied around … Continue Reading

Why the 1990s was Hip-Hop’s Golden Age. We look at the era-defining music and fashion

Rain, hale or shine, my standard get up in ’97 and ’98 was a turquoise blue Tommy Hilfiger puffer jacket, a Hilfiger Ice Hockey shirt, shin length Wu-Wear shorts, Timberland khaki boots and (for reasons I no longer understand) a Wu-Wear neck warmer. I was modelling myself on the legendary New York hip hop group, … Continue Reading

Game of Drones – the Future of Drone Technology

Daniel Dale takes a look at drones and where the technology is headed. When I picture a technician in a factory making remote controlled planes, I picture celibacy. I picture mens’ beady eyes disappearing behind fog on spectacle lenses as they steam up with lust and the heat emitted from soldering equipment. I picture jeans … Continue Reading

10 Years of Moonlighting in The Connaught  – London’s Best Hotel

Sinning at the Connaught In 2008 I made a terrible mistake. I was visiting Wales for a work thing and just before leaving for the train, I decided to cut my own hair. Just a trim on the back and sides. And at first everything seemed fine. It was only when I caught my reflection … Continue Reading

What is Anti-Fashion? A wolf dressed in synthetic sheep’s clothing

Can we talk about anti-fashion? First, what is it? It’s one of life’s truisms that we’re all condemned to wear clothes that, with hindsight, make us look like wankers. Welcome to anti-fashion: a blanket term for dressing in ways that reject the fashion of the day. Take the DHL t-shirt designed by Demna Gvasalia at … Continue Reading

Charlie Brooker’s Black Mirror – the Dark Joy of Dystopia

Whoopi Goldberg playing a carnal soul conduit for Patrick Swayze in the film “Ghost” so that his deceased character can get it on with Demi Moore (thereby opening the door for a dead man to experience a female orgasm) is something I strongly suspect inspired Black Mirror’s themes to do with time, space and identity. … Continue Reading