Here’s my last Tokyo post. I was in two minds about whether to put this up or not, since it’s not directly relevant to anything and is really just a bunch of pictures. 
But since Tokyo is now behind me, I thought I might as well share some of what made it such a strange place to visit. 
Tokyo is vast and utterly impenetrable. You know the feeling, when you walk the streets of a new city and feel somehow wiser as you absorb the sights, smells and sounds and how each subsequent day erases your initial curiosity until you are somehow part of the fabric of what you previously observed. No? Just me then.
Well I didn’t get that with Tokyo. There was no ‘AHA!’ moment. No  self satisfied comprehension, or little rituals you adopt when you’re au fait with a place and certainly no real grasp of the city. 
Every time someone says “so HOW was Tokyo??.. must have been AMAZING. I reaaaallly want to go”. I draw a blank and can’t think beyond simple descriptive statements or “Erm, I loved it. Really cool place, a little strange, but definitely put it on your list”. 















I’ve met a lot of dogs on my travels. The canine variety of course. 

















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I feel like I need to wear sunglasses when I read/view your posts……everything is electric and so bright!
I can't believe you're already back in the UK – that was so quick! Or was it?

LOVED all your photos and stories 🙂


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