Diana is one of my best friends, no week is complete without a compulsory catch up. Wherever we happen to be people invariably conform to cliché and accost us with two questions.
1.     Where are you girls from? A guessing game then ensues. One person holds the title for correctly pegging my origins, the rest jump hyperactively between Latin American republics like infants overdosed on Colombian coffee beans.
2.     What do you girls do?  On the rare occasion I decide to be honest (hygiene inspector… okay, okay… lawyer), the response usually kills the conversation, unless I’m talking to an avid viewer of Suits. But Diana’s response results in a million and one questions, because she has a seriously cool job, she works in diamonds (ice ice baby).
Now, this is a lifestyle blog, which is my way of saying I can write about anything. It’s lifestyle if I say it is.
And since I rarely focus on jewellery, I want to write about diamonds. So I pulled the friendship card and got an invite into the glittering halls of LLD (Lev Leviev Diamonds).


Lev Leviev Diamonds is a wholesale business founded by Lev Leviev, who moved to Israel from Uzbekistan in the 1970s and went on to create one of the world’s biggest independent diamond companies, thereby smashing the monopoly held by Debeers. The company owns it’s own mines, so has the strictest quality control from the moment that the stones are born from the ground to the flawless shimmering rock on your finger.
So here I am, on a Wednesday afternoon at a table laden with hundreds of  dazzling carats, wishing I’d remembered my shades. Before me are fancy yellow marquises, lightening clear rounds and cushion cuts swathed in starry luminescent stones.
Diana and the Managing Director Efraim Yelizarov tell me about some of the commissions they’ve executed over the years, and judging from the pieces on the table; if you can imagine it, they can make it. In fact, most of the work they do is bespoke and they show me a delicate wax mould that is to become the platinum setting for a very special engagement ring.
I try a canary and white choker with matching earrings. Despite my soft slouchy cashmere I suddenly feel all Bond girl and hopefully eye the door for a tuxedoed James. No sign, so I get back to admiring the exquisite 35 carats of sparklers adorning my neck.
They really are beautiful. My mind boggles at the thought that all natural diamonds are between 1 billion and 3.2 billion years old and of course, there aren’t many more appropriate symbols of love than giving someone a slice of eternity.
Lev Leviev Diamonds. Suite 112, 100 Hatton Garden, EC1N 8NX
 T: 020 3116 0077
















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Oh wow…what a job!


uhhh yeah. where do i sign up?

what a killer job she has! did she go through any particular schooling?

yep. i could look at these all day.





hello pretty classy Brunette
i follow your site for a long time , and when i was in london i went to breakfasty club once i saw your article.
Thank for sharing with us all details.

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