We explore Claire Felicie’s new series. They say a face can tell a thousand stories and it’s not happy or animated faces that are the most telling.

It is the simple expressionless expression that is the most revealing. It’s the imprint that life leaves upon the faces we’re born with. Stories of loss, sorrow or suffering that leave tiny reminders, shadows and lines, a certain heaviness in the eyes.

Happiness is transient, more of a state than a constant; but our memories make us who we are and never really leave us. It is these memories that define us and the original event that can stay with us physically as well as psychologically. This potent series of photographs by Claire Felicie depicting soldiers during war is a powerful testament to this. All these men are in their early twenties and the photos span a year, it’s enough just to look at the eyes in every photo to get a sense of their experiences.

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