From Friends, to choker necklaces and centre partings, the 90s are back and they’re cooler than ever. The decade has invaded our wardrobes in the form of denim overalls and athi-leisure, and the Spring/Summer catwalks were full of brightly coloured eye shadow and clumpy lashes.

But it’s not just the fashion world that’s taking note, us millennials are re-embracing the 90s faster than avocados and prosecco brunches, but why are so obsessed? The answer is pretty simple – it reminds us of being young and free. The 90s were the best decade since, well, ever, so who can blame us for indulging in a bit of retro fun every now and then? Still, there’s a few things from the era that have yet to come back into style, but we really wish they would. Here’s our list of the 10 greatest things we miss from the 90s.

1) Paper Fortune Teller

“Does *insert boys name here* like me?” Who knows? Certainly not the paper fortune teller. Still, these things got us through plenty of sleepovers and dull maths lessons in primary school. Easy and free to make – all you needed was a scrap piece of paper, the paper fortune teller was far more entertaining than it should have been.

2) Buckaroo

This game was deadly, with bits and bobs flying everywhere. It’s miraculous that so many millennials survived childhood with both eyes intact, and you never found all the pieces.

3) Crayola Mini Stamp Markers

They never came out like they were supposed to, but you still adorned all of your note pads with them.

4) Floppy Hats

Also known by the less attractive name of ‘bucket hats,’ floppy hats were the only way for 90s girls to protect their head from the sun. Seen on the likes of Naomi Campbell and Tia and Tamara Mowry, even Liam Gallagher was in on the trend. Extra points if it was also denim or adorned by a polyester flower ala’ TV’s Blossom. (More on 90s fashion – here)


5) 90s Teen Magazines

Whether you it was Sugar, Mizz and Cosmo Girl you subscribed to, teen magazines were your first forage into sex, relationships and beauty tutorials. Plus, who didn’t love the problem pages?

6) Dial-up Modems

Next time you complain about your 4G signal dropping out, just remember the painful experience of trying to connect to the internet via dial-up. All that time spent waiting to get onto MSN Messenger, only to get kicked off after five minutes because your mum needed to use the phone.


7) Inflatable Furniture

Hey, if the economy keeps going the way it is, cheap inflatable furniture may become the height of cool once again.


8) Argos Catalogues

The 90s equivalent of online shopping, with clothing, jewellery and make-up all in one place for you to order on your parent’s credit card.


9) Low-rise Jeans

Beloved by pop starlets like Christina Aguilera and Gwen Stefani, these didn’t look good on anybody, not even Britney Spears. Still, we loved them anyway.

10) Stretch Limousines

The height of luxury for every 90s teen or pre-teen, especially if it was pink. Whether it was prom night or your mate’s birthday, you felt like Kate Moss in one of these babies.


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